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Enterprise Culture:pioneering and advancing, honesty, the soul of enterprise culture.
Business philosophy:People-oriented, enterprise culture prosperity, creating value for customers , beginning with the user's requirements , ending with customers’satisfaction.
Work Guideline:Honest, realistic, serious, efficient, hard-working.
Management Tenet:We committed to every promises we have made and we treat our customers in a honest way.
Company Tenet:The advantage of the good quality of our products allows us to survive. We have made progress in the course of development with the help of science and technology, we are in the persuit of growth and development, and we benefit a lot on the basis of our good management.
The Spirit of enterprise:Unity is strength, we would blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit.
Make great achievement for the future, a small step for oneself, a big step for TOSHEN

BOPP Thermal LaminatingFilm(Gloss/Matt)
PET Thermal Laminating Film(Gloss/Matt)
Metalized Thermal Laminating Film
Digital Thermal Laminating Film
Holographic Thermal Laminating Film
Soft Touch Thermal Laminating Film
Anti-scratch Thermal Laminating Film
Anti-curl Thermal Laminating Film
Digital embossed thermal laminating film

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Linkman Contact: Mr. Yu
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Contact: Mr. Wang
Phone: +86 15205256050
Tel: +86 514 86892966
Postcode: 225200
Add: No.18 ZhengchangRoad Zhanggang Industrial Park,Jiangdu,Jiangsu Province China
E-mail: [email protected]

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