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TOSHEN packing material Co, LTD, began to devote to the research of the thermal lamination filmand development of the market,since year 2007.Under the influence of good science& innovationenvironment and due to the radiation effect of the canal economic, our company has rapidly grown intomanufacturing enterprise with modern technology.R&D and production are running in parallel, withdesign and innovation capabilities.We also have a number of patented technologies.products wemanufacture involve regular BOPP/PET thermal lamination film and various functional themal laminationfilm,related to printing packaging area ,digital printing area,digital imaging area ,electronindustry,pharmaceuticals industry and so on.Our products command a ready market in Europe andAmerica,the Middle East,South America and so on,and we have established strategic cooperation withnumerous customers.

BOPP Thermal LaminatingFilm(Gloss/Matt)
PET Thermal Laminating Film(Gloss/Matt)
Metalized Thermal Laminating Film
Digital Thermal Laminating Film
Holographic Thermal Laminating Film
Soft Touch Thermal Laminating Film
Anti-scratch Thermal Laminating Film
Anti-curl Thermal Laminating Film
Digital embossed thermal laminating film

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