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Yangzhou Zhonghe Tongsheng Packing Material Co., Ltd. is committed to all kinds of laminating film and composite film product sales and promotion. Since its establishment, the company relied on a wide range of sales channels, strict quality management, strong workforce, strict supplier management system, so that product quality has stabilized at the same level, the majority of users. Specialization and variety of our unique operating characteristics. We have launched three dozen specifications of products to meet customer demand.
Yangzhou Zhonghe Tongsheng Packing Material Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Yangzhou Jiangdu Millennium Grand Canal flowing, criss-cross the highway and national highway make an exception here, convenient transportation. Long history and culture, ancient natural landscape, urban and rural modernization new look, honest folk, always affecting and moistening the public and with the development and growth of Sheng. Do prior life is the basic principle we have always advocated and implemented, the interests of customers is the source of our development, stable product quality is our pride proud, full service is our unique bright spot, the user satisfaction is our relentless pursuit. Our slogan is not the biggest, just the best. Let us join hands to create a better business tomorrow!

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BOPP Thermal LaminatingFilm(Gloss/Matt)
PET Thermal Laminating Film(Gloss/Matt)
Metalized Thermal Laminating Film
Digital Thermal Laminating Film
Holographic Thermal Laminating Film
Soft Touch Thermal Laminating Film
Anti-scratch Thermal Laminating Film
Anti-curl Thermal Laminating Film
Digital embossed thermal laminating film

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Linkman Contact: Mr. Yu
Phone: +86 13852795634
Contact: Mr. Wang
Phone: +86 15205256050
Tel: +86 514 86892966
Postcode: 225200
Add: No.18 ZhengchangRoad Zhanggang Industrial Park,Jiangdu,Jiangsu Province China
E-mail: [email protected]

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