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PET Applications

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Since the most important member of the family of polyester film polyethylene terephthalate (PET) This new synthetic materials available, it gives people the clothing, home decoration, packaging and other engineering applications has brought a profound change. Today, with the progress of the development of science and technology, PET's use is no longer primarily confined to fiber, but further extended to all types of containers, packaging materials, films, film, engineering plastics, and other fields, currently, PET is increasingly Multi-substituted aluminum, glass, ceramics, paper, wood, steel and other synthetic materials; polyester family also continues to expand, and have their own strengths, so polyester industry and its various products on human society Contribution to the times.

As we all know, the use of PET is the biggest synthetic fields. In the early stages of development, 70% of PET is mainly used in the manufacture of polyester> fiber, currently still used for the majority of PET fiber production. Fifty years, large-scale industrial production relatively late polyester fibers, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polyester synthetic fiber in these three came from behind to become the most used amount of fiber, polyester fiber effective application solve the conflict with the shortage of natural fiber supply and growing demand for the production of human life among some extent alleviated the problem of continued population growth and shrinking land resources generated. PET fiber use in addition to the manufacture of clothing and household and industrial textiles traditionally, but can also be used to produce various kinds of non-woven fabric, it is used as a filling material filled furniture (such as sofa, etc.) as well as pillows, toys and the like.

However, PET now there are many non-fiber (mainly plastic) purposes, its two largest non-fiber applications are PET bottles (containers), and PET film. PET resins are used in the production of various types of containers, manufacturing cold filling beverage, food and other hollow containers used for beverage packaging such as beer, carbonated soft drinks, tea drinks, mineral water, edible oil packaging, flavoring class packaging, beer packaging and pesticides, pharmaceuticals, daily chemical products packaging. PET can be used to manufacture insulation material, magnetic tape group, movie or photographic film and vacuum packaging film products. In addition, PET engineering plastics as a potential use is also very large. The following is a combination of several major aspects, the future we will gradually talked about specific applications.

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